Need additional identification….



(l to r) lady with 2 kids unknown, lady seated unknown, Antonia (Stanchina) Swaldo,
The people on the right John and Fanny (Davis) Swaldo?  If so, depending when this picture was taken, the three kids on the right might be their kids John, Beatrice and Gladys.  If anyone can identify with certainty, please do.



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  1. With many thanks to my cousins, the people in the picture are now identified. Left to right are: Mary (Gervasi) Swaldo (holding Warren Eugene “Genie” Swaldo), Eileen Swaldo (little girl in front), Maddelena (Sparapani) Stanchina, Antonia (Stanchina) Swaldo (holding hand of Joseph “Buddy” Davis), John “Duck” Swaldo (holding Beatrice Swaldo), Anna (Swaldo) Davis (holding Floyd “Zeke” Davis).

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