Photo – Levi J. Mathias and Family

Levi Mathias family.


Clara Leuenberger Mathias of Wainwright, holds her daughter, Alice,
and her husband, Levi J. Mathias, holds their son, Russell F. Their
other children were Lucy, standing in front, and Mary. Fred and Bill,
in back row. The photo was taken about 1908 and another son, Charles
“Bun”, was born later. Clara taught Sunday school classes at the Union
Sunday School, held in the former Wainwright School and sponsored by
the coal miners’ union.
The Mathias farm was located just west of the former Wainwright School
and before moving there, they resided in a log home, constructed by
her father and moved to Wainwright by Levi. It was occupied for many
years by the McCahill family.

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